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What a modern intranet home page looks like (Sharepoint 2013)

What’s New and Different in SharePoint 2013

10 Best Productivity Features in SharePoint 2013 – slideshare


Slide from webinar. A walkthru of the Top 10 productivity features in SharePoint 2013. It explain why a productivity focus is important, and compelling reasons to move to SP2013.

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Making SharePoint Look Good!

This presentation walks users through what to expect when trying to make SharePoint look good with emphasis on some of the points that should be considered before diving in. The presentation covers the publishing features, the components of a publishing solution and helpful tips to consider when designing for SharePoint. Additionally, the demo at the end shows to two most common tasks when it comes to creating a publishing site: building a page layout and using the content query web part for content roll up. Learn more about Eastridge.

10 Reasons your SharePoint Migration Failed (Nice Presentation)