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Embedding Flash Videos in SharePoint

This video explains how to embed flash video (like the one you’re viewing now) in a SharePoint Content (like SharePoint Blog post).
Sorry about the low quality of the sound, had some troubles with microphone.
Visit more tricks at http://webborg.blogspot.com

How to get a flash movie in SharePoint

Alright I admit I had never displayed flash in a SharePoint site until today.  I figured it would be hard and really it isn’t too hard.  All you need to do is upload the .SWF file to a web location (I used a document library but it could be on a different server) then add a content editor web part to your page.  Now go into your content editor web part and click on source editor.  Now paste the following code into the web part.


Replace myFlashMovie.swf with the url of your SWF file.

You now have a flash movie on your site.