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How to Upload Shortcuts Into SharePoint – 2013

By taking advantage of the Add to SharePoint Sites tool, your company can create shortcuts between SharePoint and various Microsoft Office applications. Using this tool makes it easier to publish or share SharePoint documents to the SharePoint library directly from other Office applications, to insert files from the SharePoint library into Office documents, open SharePoint library documents in Office applications and easily locate SharePoint documents in Windows Explorer.

Step 1 : Launch SharePoint and open the SharePoint site library with which you want to work.

Step 2 : Click the “Library” tab.

Step 3 : Click the “Connect and Export” group.

Step 4 : Click the “Connect to Office” icon in the Connect and Export group to display the Connect to Office drop-down menu.

Step 5 : Click “Add to SharePoint Sites” to add a shortcut to the currently active library in all compatible Microsoft Office applications.


To remove a SharePoint shortcut, click “Connect to Office” in the Connect and Export group and click “Remove from SharePoint Sites.”
To manage your list of Microsoft Office shortcuts, click “Connect to Office” in the Connect and Export group and click “Manage SharePoint Sites.”


Information in this article applies to SharePoint 2013. It may vary slightly or significantly with other versions or products.

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Had a meeting with Microsoft regarding new product Office 365

Office 365, yes finally its being launched in the gulf, Microsoft is planning to launch it on 25-26th of June 2012 within Bahrain.

Me, My Senior Pankaj Nallur and one of our Partner went yesterday to attend this meeting. It was a good experience, the complete overview was given by Nigel Horncastle, really nice guy and quite informative.

Nigel covered lot of features within the limited time of 1:15 hours, and it was quite helpful for us in moving forward in our business and IT solutions.

The Hot Coffee was quite Good, but most important the outcome of the meeting, or i must say the Office 365 presentation was worth listening.

We are also given some testing accounts which i will practice this week and upload some snaps with my first experience of this new Office product.

Currently the services include :

  • Exchange Online
  • SharePoint Online
  • Lync Online
  • Microsoft Office (Office Professional Plus)
It was a nice gathering with Nigel, and till now the product is worth spending money into, Lets see how it outcomes its profits in the Gulf.
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