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SharePoint Keyboard Shortcuts

One of those things I often see people surprised by, or forgetting about is the usefulness of keyboard shortcuts when working with applications. It can save you time by removing the need to navigate menu’s, and scroll the mouse all around the page. Often the only way you can cause certain behavior is by using key combination’s on your keyboard. So it’s always good to know what keyboard shortcuts exist and how they can be used with the application you are using.

SharePoint has lots of GREAT key combination’s you can use to save you time and energy and Microsoft has done a great job of listing them all.

Keyboard Shortcuts for WSS

Keyboard Shortcuts for MOSS

Be sure to review the Rich Text Editor and Rich Text Editor of the Content Editor Web Part as many people don’t realize the difference between hitting Enter and Shift + Enter.

It’s also a good idea to remember your browser has it’s own shortcuts that you can use for navigating pages, content, magnification, printing, and more.

Here are some simple examples:

  1. You can enlarge the text on any Web page by pressing Ctrl and the plus or minus keys (for bigger or smaller fonts).
  2. You can also enlarge the entire Web page by pressing the Ctrl key as you turn the wheel on top of your mouse.
  3. You can tap the Space bar to scroll down on a Web page one screen full. Add the Shift key to scroll back up.
  4. If you hit the Ctrl and Home key on your keyboard you will immediately be taken to the top of the web page, document, or email.
  5. Hitting the Ctrl and End key on your keyboard at the same time will take you immediately to the bottom or end of a web page, document, or email.

Ref : SharePoint Knowledge Base


Migration from Google Apps (Mail, Document) to Office 365

Option 1: (IMAP Migration Technique – for Emails)

This will do bulk email migration of users. Please note that this will not assist in migrating your docs, contacts, calendar and Gmail filters. For migrating your contacts and calendar you can use simple export-import technique. I din’t find any solution to migrate Gmail filters though.

It requires you to create a CSV file in the format of EmailAddress,UserName,Password (,, Pass@word1)

Office 365 start here page –> Admin –> General Settings (outlook) –> Email Migration –> New
Select IMAP
IMAP Server –
Authentication – Basic
Encryption – SSL
Port – 993

Reference links:

Option 2: (Manual Migration – for Docs)

I din’t find any out of the box ways of auto migrating all docs. The simplest way would be to download all files from Gmail App as zip and then unzip and upload as multiple files on Office 365 team site. However, this needs to be done individually for each user.

Reference link:

Option 3: (Third Party Tool – Meta Vis – for Docs)

This is a popular one – However, this doesn’t seem to migrate emails. Good thing is that it retains all doc’s attributes. You need to contact their sales team to get pricing.

Option 4: (Third Party Tool – Migration Wiz – for Emails)

Another popular one. It supports Emails, Contacts and Calendar (No docs)

A cost effective approach would be the combination of Option 1 and 2. However, there will be a need to provide a simple guide to user who can possibly move their docs on their own. If that’s not feasible then Option 1 and 3 would suffice.

There are various other third party tools as well (MetaLogix, Binary Tree etc…) but then price takes precedence in choosing a solution 🙂

blocked file types-SharePoint 2010

File types can be blocked on a per Web application basis or globally.

The settings are made from the operations tab of the central administration web site.

Essentially it is a list of file extensions that are not allowed. SharePoint only checks the extension and then allows/disallows it.

So if you try to upload an exe file and find that it is blocked, you can change the extension to .doc and upload the file. Antivirus checks the file content and decides whether it is a .doc or .exe file.

The default list of disallowed file extensions is as follows:
ade, adp, app, asa, ashx, asmx, asp, bas, bat, cdx, cer, chm, class, cmd, com, cpl, crt, csh, dll, exe, fxp, hlp, hta, htr, htw, ida, idc, idq, ins, isp, its, jse, ksh, lnk, mad, maf, mag, mam, maq, mar, mas, mat, mau, mav, maw, mda, mdb, mde, mdt, mdw, mdz, msc, msi, msp, mst, ops, pcd, pif, prf, prg, printer, pst, reg, rem, scf, scr, sct, shb, shs, shtm, shtml, soap, stm, url, vb, vbe, vbs, wsc, wsf, wsh
Reference : blocked file types

Had a meeting with Microsoft regarding new product Office 365

Office 365, yes finally its being launched in the gulf, Microsoft is planning to launch it on 25-26th of June 2012 within Bahrain.

Me, My Senior Pankaj Nallur and one of our Partner went yesterday to attend this meeting. It was a good experience, the complete overview was given by Nigel Horncastle, really nice guy and quite informative.

Nigel covered lot of features within the limited time of 1:15 hours, and it was quite helpful for us in moving forward in our business and IT solutions.

The Hot Coffee was quite Good, but most important the outcome of the meeting, or i must say the Office 365 presentation was worth listening.

We are also given some testing accounts which i will practice this week and upload some snaps with my first experience of this new Office product.

Currently the services include :

  • Exchange Online
  • SharePoint Online
  • Lync Online
  • Microsoft Office (Office Professional Plus)
It was a nice gathering with Nigel, and till now the product is worth spending money into, Lets see how it outcomes its profits in the Gulf.
References :

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