View all resources and events from a SharePoint Calendar (Resolved)


The other day a client was having a problem with a OOTB Calendar in SharePoint 2010. They had created a new site and set up Resources for the Calendar. After they had done this, anytime they went to add an event to the calendar it would not show on the calendar view. Even if they created a new calendar, the same would happen. If they switched the view to the All Events view, they would see the events they had created yet the actual calendar view was empty. After looking into this we realized when Resources are active it changes the content type for the calendar list (from Events to Resources). For whatever reason, when this happens, SharePoint’s calendar view no longer recognizes these new events. If the content type was changed back to Events, they would show in the calendar but then they could not set Resources.

Now we had to figure out how to have both, as this was critical to the client. Luckily it is not too difficult of a fix to get both working. Here is what you would need to do (assuming you already set up Resources).

  • Create a calendar and in More Options select ‘Use this calendar for resource reservations’
  • Once created, go to the list settings for the calendar
  • Click ‘Title, Description, and Navigation’ and set ‘Use calendar for resource reservation’ to no
  • Back in the calendar list settings, click ‘Change new button order and default content type’
  • Check ‘Reservations’ and set it to the default content type
  • That is it! now you should be able to add new events like always, while being able to assign resources and check their availability.

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